kyle with dragonflyAbout Me

I grew up on the northern shore of Lake Ontario, in the small town of Port Hope. For as long as I can remember I was always fascinated by nature and wildlife, something my parents encouraged. I spent my childhood sloshing through marshes, traipsing through the forest, and exploring the world of birds with the help of my father. I can proudly say that I have been birdwatching since before I could walk!

When I headed off to the University of Guelph I met some crazy birders, and was introduced to a world I didn't even know existed. I was hooked! Many a weekend was spent running about the province, following reports and searching for rarities. At the same time, I met a number of people deeply involved in reptiles and amphibians (herps, to those in the know!). These understated and oft-maligned creatures grabbed me like no other, and my love affair with them took off. At the end of my university career I bought a camera and became fascinated with wildlife photography, and have been pursuing it ever since.

During and after university, I traveled the continent as a field technician, working on boreal songbirds in Newfoundland, rattlesnakes in British Columbia, neotropical migrants in Arizona and aerial insectivores in Ontario. While I'm interested in research, my true passion is for environmental education, and I have developed and delivered educational programming for numerous organizations including national parks, conservation authorities, zoos, botanical gardens and non-profits. I am currently the Education Coordinator at Wild Ontario, and a tour guide for Eagle Eye Tours.

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