I always love the opportunity to share my passion for nature with others, and am available as a speaker for conferences, events, naturalist clubs, photography clubs or special interest groups. See below for a list of presentations I have available. I am currently working on a new roster of talks - more details soon!

four-spotted skimmer  

In the Eye of the Beholder: Beauty in the Natural World

There is perhaps no concept more subjective in this world than that of beauty. When it comes to nature though, consensus is easier to come by. Beloved are the creatures of feather and fur, while things that slither and crawl seldom find themselves in the spotlight. In this humorous and light-hearted presentation we will re-examine our preconceived notions of beauty, and try to find it in some unlikely places!

corn snake  

Getting Over It: Why You Should Love the Icky Things

In development!

great horned owl  

Spinning Yarns: the Power and Importance of Storytelling

In development!


OneWordBirds: What's in a Name?

In development!

double-crested cormorant  

(Un)welcome Invaders: Casting a New Light on Invasive Species

In development!