I love to write about nature and science, and I have been fortunate enough to scribble some book contributions, articles, interpretive signage, brochures, booklets, web content, trail guides, blog posts and other odds and ends. I am an experienced writer in both casual (obviously) and formal (surprisingly) styles, with lots of experience in educational and interpretive writing. I am almost always available for writing work – please contact me with your inquiry!

Seagull Is Not a Dirty Word

I currently write a blog at called Seagull Is Not a Dirty Word, which is mostly about nature, our connection to it, and the ways we talk about it.

Turtles of North America

I wrote a book! Turtles of North America is a comprehensive guide to the biology and identification of the turtles of Canada and the United States. It covers turtle biology, ecology, evolution, and classification in an easy and approachable way. Fully illustrated species accounts describe the 64 species of turtles that inhabit Canada, the U.S., and the oceans that surround them. Additional pages highlight interesting or unusual aspects of these species, and a section about conservation tells you how to protect and support turtles. Get it wherever you get books!

150 Nature Hotspots in Canada & 110 Nature Hotspots in Ontario

A few years ago I got lucky and was asked to contribute both some written pieces and photography to these two excellent books: 150 Nature Hotspots in Canada and 110 Nature Hotspots in Ontario. They were tons of fun to write, and I like to imagine they’re tons of fun to read too! Pick up your copy today in places that sell books.

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